Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pacquiao will win over Mosley Say's AC Green The NBA Legend Star


We might imagine if what will be the stand of all promnent people in talking about the big fight of this year 2011 - The Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight. Some other say's that Mosley will win because of his hight, boxing stand and other reason. But most of Filipinos said that of course the very own Manny Pacquiao will win. We all know that the days are coming and we cannot stop it. The big fight will come at MGM Arena. Now, let us know the stand of NBA star.

NBA legend and former Los Angeles Lakers player AC Green picked Pacquiao to win over Shane Mosley when they face off on May 7, 2011 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Green said that there is not doubt that Pacquiao will win over Mosley. According to Green, Manny should be able to defeat Mosley.

Green chose Pacquiao despite being an American like Mosley. For him it does not matter where a fighter comes from. The more important issue is who is your favorite fighter and based on that you can tell who will win a fight. Thus even if Pacquiao is a Filipino and his opponent Mosley is an American, Green still picked his favorite and that’s no other than Pacquiao.

Is Green making this statement because he is in the Philippines right now for the Jr. NBA National Training Camp? Personally, I believe that he is a sincere person and that he did not utter that statement only to please the people of his host country. Do you think he is just being diplomatic? read more...




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