Friday, April 1, 2011

Pacquiao will not play basketball 4 Weeks before the Fight...


According the Roach, Pacquiao will not play basketball 4 weeks before the fight. Just to focus his traning because he has another great ring fighter to spar in the US along with his training there. Another is to avoid incident before the fight. The days are past approaching, Pacquiao and Mosley are very busy in there Big Fight preparation. The worlds awaits for this fight.

Manny Pacquiao played his last basketball game before his fight against Mosley on May 7 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He played ball a day before his departure for Manila and flight to the US. There is a rule imposed by Roach that Pacquiao should not play hoops four weeks before a scheduled fight. This has been in effect since the time he trained for his fight against Antonio Margarito.

Freddie Roach confirmed this and said that this rule shall still be in effect in Pacquiao’s tarining against Shane Mosley. This prohibition shall start as soon as they start training in LA. They are expected to land the US on Saturday and resume their build up program on Monday.

Two more sparring partners aside from Shawn Porter and David Rodella will exchange punches with Pacquiao when the latter resumes his training, and these are Rashad Halloway and Karim Mayfield. Mayfield has the same fighting style as that of Shane Mosley and he is expected to beef up the defenses of Pacquiao. Meanwhile Halloway packs the same speed as Mosley and he will assist Pacquiao train for this kind of quick exchanges come May 7.

Pacquiao himself said that he will most likely be unable to play basketball due to his tight schedule. But he said that if there’s chance for him to play when they reach Manila, he would most likely play. He also said that in the coming weeks he will be entering the most crucial stages of his training.


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