Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pacquiao will be the First Fighter to Knockout Mosley , Say's Roach

You might ask on what will be the opinion of Roach from the coming fight of Pacquiao and Mosley. Freddie Roach confidently saying that Pacquiao will be the first fighter who can knock down Mosley. Because of Manny's quick move and strategy, Roach is 100% sure that Mosley will kiss the ground below the 12th round of the coming boxing fight.


Coach Freddie Roach recently arrived from England after training Amir Khan against Paul McCloskey. He revealed in an interview, before heading for the Wild Card Gym to train Pacquiao for his fight against Mosley, that he expects his ward to be the first man to knockout Shane Mosley. 

Roach said that when he got back to the gym the day after he arrived he found a Manny Pacquiao that was very hungry for the mitts. So they did 14 rounds without stop. Pacquiao was said to be on fire and happy to have his trainer back next to his side. Roach said that during their training Pacquiao beat the sh*t out of him.

When asked if Manny has ever slipped the mitts and punched Roach, the latter admitted that it happened several times and  fact it occurred six times yesterday. But these punches were not accidental, these were only given by Pacquiao to show to Coach Roach the openings in his defenses and the punches were not hard, just enough to make Roach realize the presence of the opening.

When asked regarding his prediction on the upcoming fight, Roach said that he is looking forward to see Pacquiao become the first ever person to knockout Shane Mosley. He know for a fact that Mosley is a very tough fighter and that he was never been knocked out, that is why he is urging Pacquiao to train hard for this fight, knockout Mosley and make a statement.


Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight


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