Friday, August 20, 2010

Pac-Man Vs Margarito is a Joke After California Commission Hearing

“If it’s going to take him coming back one day and saying I did it, I did it, he will never have a license because that’s not what happened,” so claimed the lawyer for Antonio Margarito.

In case you hadn’t heard – the disgraced fighter was denied a boxing license from the California State Athletic Commission. He will now go and beg the Texas State Athletic Commission to keep alive the chance of a fight being staged in Arlington.

But where are we left in regards to a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Antoni Margarito, after the disgraced Mexican found out that he cannot obtain a boxing license in California?

Manny Pacquiao despite all the financial cache in making the world’s largest fights has always been obedient in fighting whoever Bob Arum, his promoter put in front of him. But is this the right strategy?

Yes, Pacquiao has a chance to fight for a record extending title in an eighth weight division. But this is against a fighter who cannot even convince a state athletic commission of his own credentials or integrity. A fighter who looked far from convincing in his last fight and will no doubt be dispatched by Pacquiao with greater ease than a veteran Shane Mosley did, once the Mexican’s illegal pads were removed from his gloves.

Pacquiao is going to earn money no matter what, and so is Bob Arum – the man who insists on keeping fights in house within his Top Rank organisation. This something Golden Boy, Top Rank’s closest rivals are guilty of too of course.

But this tactic is useless to the hordes of fans who would love to see Pacquiao matched against younger, hungrier and more importantly BETTER fighters than the shambolic Antonio Margarito. Timothy Bradley, Devon Alexander, Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez to name but a few.

How many people will be falling over themselves to buy this proposed fight on PPV? To see the world’s number one fighter pit his skills against a fighter who Karen Chappelle (attorney for the California State Athletic Commission) claimed showed little remorse, despite the fact that he was the CEO of his own enterprise – an individual who paid his coach and everyone around him.

“A boxer like Mr. Margarito makes a living with his fists. He knows what is in the wrappings that go on his fists,” said Chappelle.

Of course the fight will make money. Fifty thousand people flocked to see Pacquiao fight the unknown Joshua Clottey at the Cowboys stadium. Against a Mexican in that area of the world it will be a full house. But how many people will want to pay to see it on PPV, where the real money is made. Not many.

According to Margarito the fight is still not signed even though it is the only one on the horizon for both men. Let’s hope for a miracle. Let’s hope the Texas State Athletic Commission deny a license application just like California.

Meanwhile all Top Rank had to say was that “Top Rank has complied with the wishes of the ABC (Association of Boxing Commissions) and other states. Top Rank will soon make an announcement about Antonio Margarito.”


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