Tuesday, August 31, 2010


By Chuy Marco

Manny Pacquiao, the man they call the “Mexecutioner” will no longer be proud to carry that nickname because he will be wiped out by the “Tijuana Tornado” Antonio Margarito on November 13 in Texas.

I boldly say this as a fan of boxing that the Mexican to defeat Pacquiao is Antonio Margarito.

Juan Manuel Marquez is too small for Pacquiao, but Margarito’s size and power will be his key to victory over the Filipino fighter who made a name for himself by beating up aging Mexican legends.

I saw the stream of the Los Angeles “Pacquiao vs Margarito” press con and Manny Pacquiao looks like a Kindergartner compared to Margarito. The size alone was enough to make my prediction on the outcome even more solid.

Also the strategy that Team Pacquiao, specifically Freddie Roach is trying to use of dehydrating the fighters or draining them will not work on this fight because Margarito can easily make 151-pounds catchweight.

The smile and confidence on Pacquiao during the press conference was almost disrespectful to his opponent. Margarito will wipe the smile off of his face for sure when they step in the boxing ring at Cowboys stadium.

Remember, the Pacman has never had someone who will move forward to him, everyone he fought was scared to push him back, Margarito fears no man in that ring and he runs from nobody.

This fight will be a replay of the Antonio Margarito vs Miguel Cotto fight and after the fight it will clear Margarito’s name and bring honor back to Mexican boxing when they see Margarito slay the Mexecutioner Pacquiao, and that Antonio didn’t have any plaster in his gloves on November 13 and he beat the best pound-4-pound fighter in the world without cheating.

Next, bring on Floyd Mayweather Jr.! Stop running from the Tijuana Tornado!

credits: nowboxing.com

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