Sunday, August 22, 2010

Floyd Mayweather: Is He Holding The Trump Card On Manny Pacquiao?

By Troy Sparks

Manny Pacquiao, the current pound-for-pound champ, apparently has nowhere to turn.

His fight against Antonio Margarito may be in jeopardy because Margarito can't get his boxing license reinstated.

If Pacquiao was in a card game, his hand wouldn't beat the hand from the other guy at the table because he would lose the game.

Floyd Mayweather has the winning card in his hand, but he isn't ready to put it on the table just yet.

Hearing that Pacquiao may not fight is making Mayweather drool.

He would be the joker who wants Pacquiao to beg for mercy.

If Pacquiao's fight against Margarito is cancelled, then the Pac-Man is at a dead end.

That would put his camp back to square one.

It would give Mayweather the upper hand by agreeing to a deal on his terms and conditions.

And to help put this exciting package together is none other than Don King.

King told the UK Sun in an article published Sunday that he's confident that he can make the fight happen.

Bottom of Form

"I'm a people person," he said, "and Mayweather and Pacquiao would be a people explosion."

King can sell fights like no other promoter before or after him.

"It's the fight people want to see," he said. "They will come from all over the world to see it."

King said that Mayweather will make more money through him than any other promoter can promise him.

"No one can generate money like I can," King said. "I never cease to amaze myself."

And, King has a prediction on the outcome of the fight.

He said that Mayweather will knock Pacquiao out.

They know Pacquiao is running out of time to accept the challenge.

Said King: "Pacquiao has two chances: Slim and none, and Slim has left town."

Pacquiao's team is backed in a corner if the Margarito fight doesn't happen.

The Pac-Man is feeling powerless and has no negotiating control.

He can't let this opportunity slip by.

There's only one way to keep his PFP title, and he knows it.

This is certainly a build-up to the hype that Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali had in their first fight in 1971.

Pacquiao is considered the underdog and Mayweather the favorite.

There are not too many times that the underdog wins.

I can see Pacquiao getting nervous and desperate because the people won't let him rest until he can either retire Mayweather's undefeated record or bow out gracefully.


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