Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lynch mob has won: Margarito-Pacquiao bout is officially homeless

Fiesta or fiasco?

I'm not sure but I'm leaning towards the latter as right now the proposed Antonio-Margarito-Manny Pacquiao Nov. 13 bout appears to be “sleeping rough,” the British slang for homeless.

Bungler Bob Arum continues to drop the ball in his ham-handed attempts to get “Margocheato” licensed to box in America.

It's time to concede that the lynch mob has won, that no state athletic commission will OK Margarito to fight in its jurisdiction unless and until he gets a full clearance from California.

One day Arum thumbs his nose at California, the state which suspended the Tijuana Tornado for one year after he was caught “plasterhanded” in the dressing room before getting spanked by Sugar Shane Mosley.

Vegas attorney-NSAC Chairperson Pat Lundvall waved the flag to license "Margocheato," bring his bout against Pacquiao to MGM Grand Nov. 13 but her four colleagues demurred (LV Business Press)

The next day, Uncle Bobby has his legal beagles beg the Cali boxing board for a spot on their next meeting agenda (Aug. 18).

Arum has thrown up the white flag on getting Margarito ticketed to fight in Nevada. Evidently, the top Rank honcho's lobbying from Carson City to Las Vegas could not garner the three out of five votes needed to get the Mexican Mauler even a conditional, one bout only license.

Three or four of the Nevada commissioners could not shake their view that Margo should clear his situation completely in their neighboring state before appearing a second time on their own meeting agenda.

The only confirmed Margarito/Arum supporter on the NSAC is high powered Vegas lawyer and chairperson Pat Lundvall.

But, despite Lundvall's public and private cajoling, Arum saw no way the Aug. 9 vote would go his way.
Promotional titans Bob Arum could co-promote a "Last Hurrah" event if Floyd Mayweather joins forces with DK (Associated Press)

It was Bungler Bob who first tried to steer Margarito to Texas to appear on the Joshua Clottey-Pacquiao card March 13 at Cowboys Stadium.

That effort gathered less steam than the Nevada drive and it was also abandoned when Gov. Rick Perry either opposed it or showed great indifference.

It never helped the situation, the festering sore of Margarito's wrongdoing, that he plead “guilty with an explanation” in front of the California board. The commission then applied a standard which said Margarito as the fighter knew or should have know his wraps were illegally loaded.

Don't blame Margarito for all the mistakes made after he and trainer Javier Capetillo got nabbed thanks to the sharp eyes of Mosley trainer Nazim Richardson.

Tone Loc just does what he's told to do.

Suddenly, Arum is not mentioning Monterey as his backup venue now that the MGM Grand is a total scratch.

Instead, he babbled to The Las Vegas Review-Journal about returning to Jerry Jones' football playpen and threw in some silliness about Seattle, that well know boxing meca, not to mention New York and New Jersey .

I guess that means area resident Bill Gates will be paying a big site fee and it will “Microsoft Presents: Redemption Chance, Margarito-Pacquiao.”

Yeah, sure, Bobala, sure.

Cowboys Stadium is available for boxing that weekend as the 'Boys are on the road but I think that Clottey-Pacman sold 30,000 tickets more as a novelty for the Dallas-Ft. Worth-Arlington Metroplex area than because it is a hotbed of boxing interest.

Talking about down and dirty Atlantic City, the slum by the sea, as a proper venue for the Pinoy Idol to fight Margarito is laughable if not pitiful.

In case you haven't heard, Mr. Donald Trump stopped forking over site fees back when Mike Tyson was crushing guys like Tyrell Biggs, Alex Stewart and Michael Spinks.

Abu Dhabi is another joke venue, something Arum has more or less admitted.

Let be more diplomatic and call it a mirage, lower case mirage.

So Margarito-Pacquiao is currently homeless and the clock is ticking. I'm sure HBO was not excited about going across the violence riddled Mexican border.

I've figured out, as I always do, a sensible solution to this mess.

I'll be back in a flash to reveal how Arum can turn this lemon into lemonade.


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