Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mayweather wants Khan rather than Pacquiao, afraid?

Why do Floyd Mayweather keep on hiding when talking about his next fight probably to Pacquiao? scared?. How many times that people call for Mayweather to fight Pacquiao but still the camp of Mayweather making non-sense excuses. Pacquiao vs Mayweather would be possible? or yelling this fight would be a big waste of time. However, while Mayweather may be a scared fighter, he’s also a very smart fighter. That’s why he’ll likely end up fighting the young and inexperienced Amir Kahn instead of Pacquiao.

“You have Mayweather who wants to fight,” Golden Boy Promotions President Oscar De La Hoya said. “Amir wants to fight Mayweather. He wants to fight the very best, but obviously right now it’s vacation time.”

In the grand scheme of things a victory over Khan would mean absolutely nothing for Mayweather. But in Money May’s own little mind he’d somehow justify it into a reason for not fighting Pacquiao.

Love him or hate him, Mayweather is a great self-promoter. You can bet your butt that he would spend every second leading up to a fight against Khan trying to convince everyone in the world that Khan is similar to Manny Pacquiao in nearly everything they do. more on...



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