Friday, December 3, 2010

Donaire vs Sydorenko: The boxing preview

Nonito Donaire burst onto American boxing scene in 2007 when he scored a spectacular one punch knock out, that was later named a knock out of the year, over a notorious Armenian banger, Vic Darchinyan. Like a bullet a counter hook put Darchinyan down into never-never land. Lightning fast punch was so devastating that the former champion still didn't know what happened to him minutes after it was all over.

But the reality of fighting at the lower weight divisions hit Nonito harder than the punch he threw to win an IBF flyweight title. Frustrated with not being able to secure a meaningful fight, even after scoring a knock out of the year on Showtime network, Donaire parted ways with his promoter Gary Shaw and signed with the very best in the business, Bob Arum of Top Rank. Read More...






Watch Donaire Vs Sydorenko Fight

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