Saturday, November 27, 2010

Manny Pacquiao's Thanksgiving list

"Thank you for the 'tarkee'!"- A fan was taped on HBO's Dela Hoya-Pacquiao 24/7 show thanking Pacquiao for the turkey he handed out during Thanksgiving of 2008. 

It's Thanksgiving Day in the US of A and there's no better holiday- other than Christmas of course- for people to give thanks. 

In the Manny Pacquiao household, there's plenty of thanks to go around. But Thanksgiving Day is an American thing, and with Pacquiao busy with his congressional duties and basking in the glory of his most recent victory thousands of miles away while the biggest turkey in boxing is still avoiding the possibility of being slaughtered and served up inside the ring by boxing's true pound-for-pound king, allow me to put together a list of people in boxing that Pacquiao owes some thanking. Read More...





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