Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ragtag, second hand foe but Antonio Margarito's handwraps bound for EBay

An organization which purportedly calls itself the Manny Pacquiao Foundation is under investigation, according to Manila Standard newspaper, for illegally importing ragtag, second hand clothes into the Philippines.

It’s unclear what, if any, ties this group might have to Pacquiao.

But it’s a clever smuggler who slaps the Pinoy Idol’s name on contraband coming into the country, don’t you think?

As far as the shipment of hand me down attire, it’s appropriate when you consider that Manny’s Nov. 13 opponent, Antonio Margarito, is a ragtag, second hand opponent.

I also see where Margarito has “vowed” to defeat Pacman at Cowboys Stadium.

Was this vow made on a stack of Bibles or just battered, old copies of The Ring, for example the one I’ve mentioned before which asked, long before Plastergate, why anyone would fight this frightening foe?

The Manny training maniacally stories are always followed by something like Grandpa Ronnie Nathanielsz’s worried plaints that Pacquiao is goofing up on his time management and has too much on his plate.

With all due respect to Brother Ronnie, maybe Pacquiao needs more on his plate because he seems to thrive in the ring when he has a jampacked non-boxing schedule.

Then we get to the Margarito camp stories. He’s training even more maniacally than Manny and he has nothing else on his plate, nada, zip, zilch…not even a taco, an enchilada or a chimichanga.

I say it’s just a good thing trainer Robert Garcia doesn’t get hold of tubby heavyweight Chris Arreola, he would likely starve the man to death.

By next week I bet the party line out of Oxnard will be that Margarito has only granola, no more huevos rancheros, for breakfast.

The selling goes on.

But the way see it, the only undetermined matter is how many points Pacman will emerge victorious by on fight night.

I see a comfortable Pacman victory although Tone Loc will certainly land a few shots here and there.

His problem will be that whirling dervish Pacquiao won’t be there for the second, third and fourth punches that Garcia and Margarito dream of landing.

Pacquiao’s defense pales in comparison to Floyd Mayweather’s but, hey, so does the defense of every other fighter.

But let’s limit this discussion to active, not retired fighters.

Margarito is Second Hand Rose from Second Avenue.

When he is soundly decisioned by Pacquaio, maybe they can donate his ring attire to the so called Pacquiao Foundation.

But I have a feeling Margarito’s handwraps won’t be donated.

They’re bound for EBay, no doubt.

If Sammy Sosa's corked bat can be peddled for $15,000 to $20,000, as I heard the asking price on National Public Radio the other day, what will someone pay for Margarito's handwraps.

They might be his first untainted, legal handwraps ever, aside from the Shane Mosley fight.

Maybe they will be priceless.




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