Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Margarito twitch making Paclanders extremely nervous

There is a Worry Wall abuilding in Pacland.

I hope it doesn't turn into a Wailing Wall come Nov. 14 if all King Manny's horses and all of his men can't put King Manny back together again.

Manny's left foot is sore.

Manny's got nasal problems.

Manny is playing too much basketball.

It goes on and on.

Right now I'm looking at the glowering face on Antonio Margarito on the cover of The Ring, November, 2008, issue.


I'm also reminded how presciently Shane Mosley trainer and pugilistic philosopher Naazim Richardson said before Mosely beat the Plaster Caster Cheater that the media should avoid demythologizing Margarito if he lost.

"You guys made him into a monster so when Shane beats him, he beats a monster," Richardson said.

Something to that effect and Richardson was right because now some, based on that desultory defeat, brand Margo as a punchbag just waiting to be hit by Pacquiao like a swinging pinata.

But I notice some of the natives are getting the Margarito Twitch as evidenced by a concerned Pacquiao Worldwide Army solider who calls himself "Luvmylilmama."

Here's his plaintive cry of alarm for Mannyites across the globe:

What's goin on with this training drama..

Playing basketball every night.

Skipping running sessions

Traveling to Manila for a speech engagement

Attending birthday party

Pasig run

injured feet and still playing basketball instead of recuperating

Repeated postponed training schedules

Changing by the days of proposed training partners etc.. etc.

Comparing his physique when training for De la Hoya & Cotto, this time around he looks fatter and smaller. Just my personal observation.

One has to wonder.. Did Pac (sic) lost the drive to win?

I'm a big fan, i hate to see him lose to a guy who lost to a Grandpa who lost to a guy that's always on vacation and he supposed to beat.




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