Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No shock if big guy Margarito KOs Pacquiao - says Gentleman Jimmy Glenn

He's 80 years old but Gentleman Jimmy Glenn, amiable proprietor of classic Manhattan "boxing bar" Jimmy's Corner, still looks like he could stand toe to toe and swap punches with former heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson.

Patterson, who Muhammad Ali dubbed "The Rabbit," is long gone but Glenn is still hustling. When he's on the road working fights, usually as a cutman extraordinaire, wife Swanny takes the command post at the Times Square saloon.

Glenn jokes that promoters Don King and Bob Arum, both of whom he's cordial with, "have to catch up to him" when it comes to birthdays. King and Arum are a year or two behind Glenn in that department depending on whose bio you read.

Since Glenn got a bird's eye view of Antonio Margarito when he was Sugar Shane Mosley's cutman on that fateful night in Los Angeles when the Mexican fighter and trainer Javier Capetillo were caught "plasterhanded," I asked him if he thinks there's any chance of an upset when Margarito fights Manny Pacquiao Nov. 13.

"I give Margarito a chance, a good chance," Glenn said by phone from Virginia, where he's getting ready to assist fighter-promoter Jimmy Lange. "Margarito is a big guy and he can fight."

Pacman keeps getting mixed reviews in Filipino media reports.

Here's Abac Cordero's latest missive.

And here is Roy Luarca's Baguio camp report.

Glenn, who turned 80 on Aug. 18 and counted Iron Mike Tyson among the wellwishers at his watering hole on West 44 Street that night, said Pacquiao might be able to take Margarito out early in the scheduled 12 round title bout.


"The inactivity doesn't help Margarito. He's going to spend three or four rounds getting into the groove and he will be vulnerable then. Manny could take him out before he gets acclimated.

"Margarito's been having about one fight per year, that is no good. I know he was under suspension but...

"Pacquiao, he's got to hurt Margarito. But, when Manny throws punches you can see them coming. He's got good hand speed and foot speed but he is often off balance," Glenn said.

"Manny is predictable, you know what he's going to do. Don't look at Margarito off the Mosley fight because it was Shane being so sharp, not Margarito being so bad. Hey, Margarito can knock Pacquiao out also. I would not be shocked if that happened. All he has to do is hit him right."

Btw, my secret nickname for Mr. Glenn is "WOBO," which means Wise, Old Black Owl.

Please don't tell him.




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