Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Mosley Predictions


The team has gathered and put down our official Pacquiao vs. Mosley staff picks and predictions, as we do for all of the big fights. Does everyone think that Pacquiao will take care of business like he's supposed to, or are there any writers on the site going with the big upset? Take a look at the official Pacquiao vs. Mosley predictions from the crew and see how it all stacks up.  

Rich Thomas: Speed isn't everything, but speed plus power is pretty close, and Pacquiao has that. Although Mosley might land the odd hard shot during the fight, I can't see him scoring with the short combo of hard punches he would need to deter Pacquiao. Coping with Pacquiao's lightning fists from all angles will force Mosley to cut his punch output, and if nothing else, that will pretty much dictate Pacquiao landing more leather and outpointing him. The more Mosley tries, the more he will get tagged. read more...








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