Sunday, May 8, 2011

Congratulation Manny Pacquiao - Won Unanimous Decision vs Shane Mosley


Another golden build of success and pride. Manny Pacquiao won unanimous decision over Shane Mosley after finishing the last and final round 12. Mosley was down in the third round and recover it using his running strategy to avoid the punches of Manny.

Manny Pacquiao set the tone for a lopsided decision win after sending Shane Mosley down in the third round with a left straight. The force of the punch sent the 39-year-old Mosley crashing to the canvas as though he had been struck with a baseball bat. From then onwards, Mosley opted to stay away from Pacquiao’sfiring range, a tactic that did not sit well with the audience, who had wanted to see the Filipino become the first fighter to knock the durable Mosley out.

The fight was marred by an atrocious call by referee Kenny Bayless in the 10th round when he ruled a knockdown in Mosley’s favor although it was clear thatPacquiao was just off-balanced. Roach said Bayless came to him after the fight and apologized and Roach readily accepted the admission of guilt. For Pacquiao, it activated a switch button that ordered him to go after Mosley with the ferocity of a cheetah after a retreating gazelle.

“When the ref called a knockdown, I was surprised. I got angry,” said Pacquiao, who went the distance for the third straight time.
In the last two rounds, Pacquiao tried his best to end the fight on a knockout as he went after Mosley, throwing hooks, uppercuts, straights, and body punches. But Pacquiao could no longer find the same opening that resulted in a third-round knockdown. Despite Mosley’s seemingly-uninspired showing, promoter Bob Arum said it was all because “almost every fighter Pacquiao fights becomes helpless against him.”

“It’s difficult to become very competitive with him. Mosley and the others haven’t seen this power and speed. Nobody in their whole experience in the sport has ever faced anybody like 
Pacquiao,” said Arum.

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