Thursday, July 29, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Jr. admits he is ducking Manny Pacquiao

From the appearance of it, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is okay with being termed as a coward by the media.

UFC president, Dana White, endorses the biggest mixed martial arts organization globally and happens to be a big boxing fan, who wants to see Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao get it on in the boxing ring.

However, Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn’t wish to fight Manny Pacquiao. He is okay with being termed as coward and ducker. Based on a Fox Sports article, when asked by Dana White when he was gonna fight Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather answered “Well, I’m not desperate,” what did Floyd mean when he said that?

Well, from my interpretation, Mayweather meant “Why would I risk fighting a ferocious fighter like Manny Pacquiao and lose my undefeated record, I don’t need money that bad?” Mayweather was implying that only those people who are desperate and hurting for money will take on this type of risky and hazardous task for an incredible number of dollars.

It’s like if someone else asks you, would you jump in shark tank for $ 5,000? A desperate person would do it but a cautious logical person would realize the risk isn’t worth the incentive. For Mayweather the risk of fighting Manny Pacquiao isn’t worth the reward of over $60 million in prize money win or lose.

I would think Floyd would take the fight because he brags about how he is the best and Manny Pacquiao is easy to beat and how he doesn’t fight for bragging rights he only fights for checks. But all the money in the world cannot buy Floyd Mayweather a pair of you know whats.

Mayweather has enough money, he isn’t dumb and he knows that Manny Pacquiao is in his prime and is so relentless that it would force Floyd to mix it up with the Filipino slugger from Gen San.

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t care about the fans, even though, they are the ones who fattened his pockets and pay his bills by ordering his pay per view fights. Floyd would never be able to live the lavish lifestyle he lives today if it wasn’t for the fans paying for his fights. If he cared about the sport of boxing and the boxing fans he would make the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight happen.

Floyd is self centered and ungrateful. It shows by the way he denies the boxing fans the fight they want to see. He is all about himself and no one else.

Remember, America is the HOME OF THE BRAVE and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is acting very un-American right now, this is why more American fight fans are rooting for Manny Pacquiao because they respect his bravery in the ring.


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